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Chicken Sandwich

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This is such quick lunch and I’m definitely going to make these in college when I’m running late! I also really hate tomatoes, but for some reason I had no idea tomatoes were in one of my favorite sandwiches until I was writing this recipe down with my grandma? Grandma’s cooking really works! I would definitely feed this to any kid who doesn’t like vegetables.

Allergens: It depends on what type of bread you buy


  • Plain hamburger bun

  • I know typically lots of buns have sesame seeds, but there are many plain bun options in grocery stores.

  • Lettuce

  • Tomato

  • Guacamole salsa

  • Italian dressing

  • Chicken cold cuts (any brand) or a Chicken patty

  • Sometimes my mom uses however many chicken nuggets can fit on a slice of bread


  1. Put sauce on both bread slices

  2. Add the chicken

  3. Add lettuce and tomato

  4. Put the dressing on the lettuce and tomato

  5. Close the sandwich

  6. Enjoy!

*This picture is using a chicken patty, but I use both patties and cold cuts

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