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Baby Formula - DrugWatch

If you knew you had allergies from birth, like I did, then looking for dairy substitutes has been an issue since Day 1. So it felt necessary to deliver some education on the first choice parents have to make when it comes to feeding a child with allergies: what baby formula do we choose?

The options you have other than dairy are:

Soy-Based Formula: exactly, what it sounds like, it is made with soy proteins instead of lactose. However, 50% of children allergic to milk may also have an issue with soy, so if your child falls into this category like I did when I was a baby, you may need some other specialized formula*:

Premature Baby Formula: made specifically for preterm babies, babies who are born before the mother has been pregnant for 37 weeks. More info here:

Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula: made up of proteins that are more broken down so they are easier to digest for babies who are sensitive to those proteins.

Hypoallergenic Amino Acid-Based Formula: made of neither dairy nor soy proteins

*Note, these three specialized formulas should not be tried without a recommendation from your pediatrician!

Now, I've made it pretty clear which options are best for if your child has a defined allergy, but if more than one option on this list is available to your child, I suggest visiting this resource that DrugWatch has provided me with, navigating this website will give you more details on each formula, and a comprehensive understanding of what goes into the decision-making process. All information listed above has been taken from their website:

The advice I can provide is how to know your baby might need non-dairy formula. If you're noticing any symptoms of allergies when feeding your baby, like itching, hives, coughing, throwing up, or any stomach problems, please see a doctor asap!

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