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My Videos

Welcome to my video page! Sometimes it's helpful to watch, listen and learn! In addition to my normal posts, I also post educational videos on various topics regarding food allergies, product reviews, and cooking videos. These videos are on Youtube but you can watch them right here! And if you click the "Youtube" button at the bottom of the video, it will take you straight to the video on Youtube! 


Food Allergies 101

This is Part 1 in a series of food allergy education videos I will be doing. I was born with food allergies so I want to share my advice from my personal experiences with you all in this series. In this video, I cover food allergy basics, from what they are, to how to handle an allergic reaction.

Stay safe!


Food Labels

This is part 2 in my food allergy education series: how to properly read a food label. In this video I go through all the sections of a food label and what to look out for and keep in mind when reading them. Remember to be safe, be careful, and be cognizant of what you're putting in your body! Happy grocery shopping!


How to Explain Food Allergies to Kids

In this video, I teach give you my advice on explaining food allergies to kids. Of course, I don't expect you to be giving your kids the full-fledged medical explanation, but the concept of there being certain foods that other kids just can't eat is important for children to understand at a young age.


Ordering in a Restaurant

In this video, I give my tips and tricks to eliminate the stress when you have to order in a restaurant. Learning how to be comfortable talking about my food allergies was one of the major steps towards full self-confidence and acceptance, which is why I want to share my advice with you.

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